All about Dogecoin Wallet

Setting up a crypto-currency (Dogecoin) Wallet is free and simple. Generally, there are three (3) ways to obtain a crypto-currency (Dogecoin) wallet so you can store, receive and spend crypto-currency.

The most secure way is the hardware wallet. A hardware wallet is the most secure option since it does not connect to the internet most of the time by design. The hardware wallet is separated from other device such as laptop, mobile for day-to-day usage, thus is not vulnerable to cyber attacks such as malware, keyloggers, etc.
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The second way is to set up a local (offline) wallet. You have to download and install the Dogecoin wallet application as the official guides :
Dogecoin Getting Started

The quickest way is to create a Dogecoin wallet instantly by registering an online wallet on
The online wallet is safe, secure and accessible everywhere. It is suitable for personal usage with reasonable amount of Dogecoin.